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Dr. Vida Tarassoly is a construction attorney, a registered civil/structural engineer, and a licensed contractor, with a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Southern California. With over 25 years of practical experience in engineering and construction of complex projects for the public and private sectors, she is uniquely qualified to assist her clients in the dual capacities of an attorney as well as a technical expert. While other attorneys must rely on the expensive expertise of hired technical experts, Dr. Tarassoly evaluates the technical aspects of your case more cost-effectively and expeditiously, often at the initial meeting.

“I represent my clients as an attorney and a technical expert. Other construction attorneys would have to rely on hired technical experts to build your case, and issues commonly get lost in translation. I can simultaneously assess the technical strength of your case and develop the most effective strategy to represent your legal rights.”

Vida Tarassoly, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.
Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer and Registered Contractor, A&B
Attorney at Law

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We specialize in Construction Law. Because of Dr. Tarassoly’s high technical expertise as a structural/civil engineer and a contractor, and her full understanding of the entire construction process, she is uniquely qualified to provide her clients with sound legal advice as well as technical evaluation of their claims.

Dr. Vida Tarassoly, the principal attorney at the Law Office of Vida Tarassoly, is an attorney, a civil/structural engineer, and a contractor (A, B, HAZ) specializing in construction law.

Dr. Tarassoly holds a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Southern California.


Since 2004, Dr. Tarassoly has served as the president of Rubicon Engineering Corporation, an environmental engineering firm in California, which provides a full spectrum of environmental services.

The Law Office of Dr. Vida Tarassoly provides services in a wide range of civil disputes and litigation.

We utilize our combined legal and technical expertise to identify the sources of disputes, negotiate speedy resolutions, foresee and mitigate potential future disputes.

In the fast-paced construction world, it is essential to quickly resolve disputes among the parties to avoid costly delays.


Representing James and Gina K., subcontractors against a general contractor;

“We hired Dr. Tarassoly when a client of ours made false accusations against us to cover up their own incompetence. Dr. Tarassoly was easily able to expose their misconduct which put them in check. They were no match for her expertise and knowledge of construction practices and law.”
All the best-“

James and Gina, J. Orange County, CA

Representing Janet G roofing subcontractor against general contractor and developer;

“We want to express our appreciation for what you’ve done for us. How lucky I was to have contacted you. We truly admire you and so grateful you are the leader of our team. We know we are in Good Hands.!!”

Janet G. Sacramento County, CA

Representing Klara E. against the City of Palo Alto and Caltrans;

“Great Victory achieved!
Million thanks to you. Wishing you all the best in all your future work.
You made a difference in people’s lives here. You Resolved a problem quickly and effectively.
Residents in our building are very grateful to your selfless engagement, including the Building Manager.  I will recommend your services wherever I can. Thank you again!”

Klara E. Santa Clara County, CA

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