Representing James and Gina K., subcontractors against a general contractor;

“We hired Dr. Tarassoly when a client of ours made false accusations against us to cover up their own incompetence. Dr. Tarassoly was easily able to expose their misconduct which put them in check. They were no match for her expertise and knowledge of construction practices and law.”
All the best-”

Representing Janet G roofing subcontractor against general contractor and developer;

“We want to express our appreciation for what you’ve done for us. How lucky I was to have contacted you. We truly admire you and so grateful you are the leader of our team. We know we are in Good Hands.!!”

Representing Klara E. against the City of Palo Alto and Caltrans;

“Great Victory achieved!
Million thanks to you. Wishing you all the best in all your future work.
You made a difference in people’s lives here. You Resolved a problem quickly and effectively.
Residents in our building are very grateful to your selfless engagement, including the Building Manager. I will recommend your services wherever I can. Thank you again!”