Mediation and dispute resoluion

A certified and experienced mediator, Dr. Tarassoly is an avid proponent of mediation and dispute resolution before resorting to litigation. She is an approved dispute resolution advisor for the California Department of Transportation and an invited member of the Pepperdine Mediation Inn of Court. In the mediation of complex construction disputes, the parties have to bear the additional cost for the services of an expert. Dr. Tarassoly serves in dual capacities of a mediator as well as an expert to assist the parties in understanding the technical and legal strength of their claims and to reach realistic settlements. Because of her technical expertise, she is capable of providing an evaluative method of mediation, not only facilitating the mediation and negotiation process but to neutrally and confidentially evaluate the technical aspects of each party’s claims as well as their legal positions. In multi-party construction mediations, Dr. Tarassoly utilizes her technical expertise to assist the parties in deriving at equitable cost allocations.

“Litigation is an expensive process which could be very emotional. It must be only considered as the last resort. Before committing my client to the litigation process, I do everything in my power to negotiate the case outside of the courtroom process. Of course, my high level of education,

technical stature, and years of engineering practice have always been helpful in assuring the parties of my constructive intent.”


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